Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Talkin' to God

A lot of people, not knowing exactly what levity entails*, think God is some super serious being.

I prefer to think of God as more jovial, like below:

Me: I think I'm ready for a family and all that jazz.

God: You may be, but he isn't.

Me: He, eh? Who's this 'he' you have in mind?

God: Patience, you'll find out when it's time.

Me: What's with you and patience? 'Makes me want to go kick down trash cans.

[God and I both chuckle.]

Me: Heh, I can be patient.

God: I know, now go get some ice cream.

Me: Okay, God... oh, and I am grateful for my metabolism. I know I often wish I could gain weight more easily, but if I had to choose between struggling to gain weight and struggling to lose weight, I'd definitely go with the former.

God: So, does this mean you're ready to learn how to swim this summer... you know, be without a shirt in public?

Me: Patience.

[God and I both chuckle.]

Me: Thanks for setting me up for that one; you're a pal.

God: Hahah, you're welcome.

*levity = being inappropriate in that "you've crossed a line" sort of way.

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