Monday, February 1, 2010


Starting up a business is, indeed, exhausting... especially when you're doing your best to lay the foundation for a corporation that will be seeking out millions for facilities, scholarships, performances, competitions, and commissions for composers for new ballets.

And trying to get everything I want and need done with a decade of sleep deprivation has not been easy.

Thankfully I have a brilliant team which keeps growing.

My ballet director (who is also V.P.) is amazing; I love her choreography and artistic visions.

My board of directors is a great hodgepodge of differing opinions and ideas, which I love.

My financial adviser is a business genius, and he's going make our dreams come true.

I recently found a fantastic web developer with whom I've yet to go over things--I need to wait until the board meeting this Thursday so my plans can be okayed.

I've also found a composer for my first ballet--I'll be writing the story--I also still need to go over some things with him, to...

And, of course, the students; although most are just starting out (all in ballroom are just starting out), there's a superb amount of potential, and I have no fears about the fruition of my vision.

Anyway, I just needed to remind myself of all this... 'cause I'm dead and wondering how I'm ever going to get anything done.

As for right now, I'm going to take a bottle (hyperbole, calm down) of sleeping pills and go to bed.


  1. Whoa! writing the ballet?! Ca-razy!

    Your vision sounds huge.

    hopefully my partner got to do it with somebody else. there is a few extra girls in the class anyways. i fail at life. I've been practicing though, the pressure is on now.

    The thing is.. my teacher doesnt have a contact on blackboard OR the syllabus he gave us. Plus the student directory has sucked, and none of the people(who I know the names of)have their emails listed.

  2. Can I just say how amazing it is that you are managing to put all this together. Hope things continue to go well for you.

  3. PG: my eyes are kind of big...

    El Genio: Thanks! I need all the hopes I can get.