Thursday, March 1, 2012


[GMB] and I are both... well, let's be honest here... addicted to Legos.

It's difficult -- dare I say, "impossible" ? -- for us to say, "no," to a great Lego deal.  After all, Legos are a great investment for our future children.

Of course, there are things which would better merit our spending/saving... so we may need an intervention soon.

But only after the Lord of the Rings sets are ours.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Good News & Bad News

Good News

[GMB] and I are engaged.

Well, we're "officially" engaged. We're basically married, having committed to supporting each other through life. We've waited on anything "official," though, until [GMB] was out to his family.

This Christmas break, though, [GMB] courageously came out, and we officially got rings to symbolize our commitment to each other.

Bad News

Ah, hell, there's no bad news here. I'm an extremely lucky guy.

I have never been so happy, healthy, productive, and stable in my life -- and a significant reason is [GMB].

He is an amazing support to me -- to put it mildly. I hope that I am able to be one to him.