Friday, January 29, 2010


I was joking around with my pre-teen ballroom class today, saying that I didn't go to school. I was too smart, and they simply gave me a PhD when I was preschool age.

My assistant (who is also my niece) said, "If you had a PhD, you would have a much better job than this."

To which I replied, "If I had a PhD, I would still be right here teaching dance."

She seemed surprised.

I think too many people believe that a good job = a huge salary. The higher the salary, the better the job.

No wonder why so many people are miserable.

I'd rather live in poverty, doing what I love, than have a fortune and a dread of waking up and going to work.

Would it be nice to have both a job that I love as well as a fortune? Sure, I suppose; I mean, I know exactly what I would do with a fortune... and in wouldn't be applied toward things.

In order for me to feel fulfilled in life, I don't need things. Don't get me wrong, though, there are things that I would like and I'll save up for, such as a killer home theatre, but as long as my family and I are cared for and have the essentials, I will be extremely happy in this life.


  1. Teaching dance is a fun job.


    Hehehe there was only 1 kid under high school age at the dance school I worked at, but I thought she was fun. Ballroom isn't as big as in UT/CA/NY, but it was OK. plus the studio was pretty massive.

    Unfortunately somehow a male prostitute with his russianistical accent was also working there at the same time, and I was basically damage control. I don't know how he got hired... The owner was not the smartest person I've ever met.

    ~sample conversations~

    First time meeting:
    Owner: "So how old are you guys?"
    Me: "I'm 17"
    Sister: "& I'm 18"
    Owner: "So you're twins?"
    Me: "Uhhhh..... no?"

    Discussing the Olympics:
    Me: "My friend skied in the
    Owner: "That's... the summer
    olympics, right?"


    Anyways, totally agree. The best job is what you love to do.

    (but if you ever get a killer home theatre, I'm gonna sneak into your house and watch movies. I always feel envious of houses with movie theaters inside.)

    PS Did you contact the kung fu school? I'll probably call em tomorrow to find out if bagua is part of the tai chi curriculum.

    I've always wanted to hear someone tell me, "Your gong fu is strong."

    The closest I've gotten was from my chinese teacher:

    "Paul, Your grass style is very beautiful and fluid, but you are leaking qi all over the place. Look here, and here! Wasted qi!"

    I'm wasting too much qi!

  2. I'll be honest, I kind of dig the Russian accent... and the Russian look sometimes... you, uh... have his contact info?

    I did get a hold of the Kung Fu school. Saturday, February 6th @ 11PM, free classes for a month.

    Oh, and my home theatre will only have one seat, and I'll probably be living in it (as it will most likely be the only room in my house)... so, it may be tough to sneak in there.

    I guess you could make it in while I'm teaching or something... but make sure to keep your qi in check; I don't want that stuff dripping all over my house. I hear it's a pain in the fesse to clean up.

  3. Well. The school forced him to get dentures, because he had what I like to call Barnacle Teeth. He would make fun of me because I like to drink water, since this is america and coca-cola is available.

    I find russian accents hot, but he was pretty much offensive in every way possible.

    Assuming you would be paying for the teatro by teaching dance, I would be able to kerrsnagle my way in to watch some of your kung fu movies.

    Who knows... once I get my qi in check, maybe i'll be able to walk on your ceiling and do substitution jutsus. You'll never even know I was there!

    Speaking of kung fu movies.. have you seen the jet li film New Legend of Shaolin? What a great movie.

    The crappy english translation is amazing. So many good lines.

    I want to watch it so bad now.

  4. Barnacle Teeth?

    That just sealed the deal for me.


    And you're assuming you'd make it past my shadow clones... and my hidden jutsu.


    It's actually been a while since I've seen a Kung Fu movie; I'll have to go see if I can find New Legend of Shaolin tomorrow when I go on my blu-ray hunting spree.

  5. Dentures now. The barnacles were getting a little too feisty. His teeth were probably going to fall out soon anyways.

    wait until you see my gong fu. you are going to feel so inadequate. I've got chinese blood, so I'm already a step ahead of you! All these ancient chinese secrets rushing through my veins! tai hao le!

    I forgot about you being a stickler for the quality. New legend of shaolin is a really old movie, with poor quality even on dvd. Still, how have you NOT seen it. Its the one with the No-Shadow kick. I'd say that the humor and fighting make up for it. ahhh i'm laughing right now thinking about it.

  6. ... dentures could work...

    "wait until you see my gong fu"

    ... I think you have yet to read a recent post of mine... (~_^)

    You may have Chinese blood... but I have... ah scrud... I've got nothing but whitey blood...

    Maybe I have some super crazy hidden qi. It's my only hope.

    Oh, I'm definitely willing to accept the best quality available; I'm not completely snooty and say, "If I can't find it in HD, I can't watch it."

    Hopefully I'll be able to find it in the DVD section.

    I don't know why, but for some reason, I've had this... visceral aversion to Jet Li. I don't even think I've watched anything with him in it because of it.

    Maybe he scorned me in a past life or something.

    But maybe it's time for me to forgive him.

  7. Whoa 4:22 am. Do you sleep!? ok... i'm awake even later. I've got insomnia Oh-woh-oh.

    If he scorned you in a past life, maybe you really do have some crazy hidden qi!

    You didn't watch Hero? That was a pretty movie. I can't believe that was 7 years ago. Ca-razy!

  8. Heh... it's now 7:05, and I'm still awake...

    All hail the mighty insomnia which draws us ever closer to insanity and rock & roll.

    I haven't seen Hero. I'll have to add it to my list.

    Oh, and the class starts at 11 AM next Saturday, not PM.

  9. if it was today i'd probably pass out in class.

    I had written a blog yesterday before getting ready for ballroom that was all "I'M NOT GOING TO BED SUCKERS! IN YOUR FACE SLEEP, I DON'T NEED YOU!"

    but then I bombed right after that. Woke up less than an hour later, 20 minutes into class. I wouldn't have made it on time, so I just gave up and deleted the post.

    You win this time sleep!

  10. I would have crashed if class were today, too.

    What ballroom class(es?) are you taking? When are the class labs/competitions?

  11. im doing latin... the silver one?

    I was totally not sure as to which class to join because my studio was like competitive american style? like I was pretty much gold + just doing some rando crazy moves, but I've only had to do international a few times like for when they would fly in professionals and crap.

    Paso has been a nightmare for me... and I missed the day(yesterday) we got assigned for lab partners.

    I guess it can't be helped, its this coming wednesday. I'm expecting a massive failure, like I know the dance better than some of the awfuls in the class. But i'm not expecting to stand out.

    I'm just glad the actual competition is rumba... except the cuban motion is all backwards and junk. dear america, you suck for making your own rando ballroom style. WHYYYYY! WHY!?

    I figures i would have been stuck takin the easy standard class, since I'm fairly certain a quickstep competition would be a traumatic experience..

    (Plus I'm nowhere near as fit as I was back then. ;__; )

    My smooth shoes were busted anyhow. AND I'M TOO CHEAP FOR NEW ONES!

  12. What time Wednesday? I have been dying to watch a competition, and I want to see how my students could hold up compared to BYU's classes.

    ... I guess it would be cool to meet you and possibly boskers, too (if he's not too good for dance still)... (~_^)

    I must admit that I think American style kind of sucks rotten eggs; I much prefer International.

    Paso Doble is my *favorite* dance, and... not to brag or anything... but a little bit to brag... I kick derrière at it.

    If you need any pointers or anything... you know whom to ask.

  13. its at 8pm. It actually starts at 6:30, but the good part is at 8. because i'm in it.

    just kidding. If my paso is vomit-inducing i can't be held responsible.(she was touching her face)

    The american smooth champions were pretty amazing one of these past years, but they originally did international.

    Hold up against us? Your kids could probably crush me. I'm expecting nothing short of a glorious trainwreck based on how class has been going. i find out who i'm dancing with on wednesday ON MONDAY! AAH!

    My favorite dance is ballroom + interpretive. ballinterproom? Its the hip new wave. Not to brag or anything, but I just made that up and probably suck horrifically.

    Oh, I just need a few pointers.. on everything! If you end up coming you will see what I mean.

  14. I am totally there--does it cost anything for spectators? I forget.

  15. Yes. It costs YOUR SOULLLLL.

    nah, i think its free. because who wants to watch a bunch of sucky kids(aka me) dancin?!

    Feel free to throw money and stuffed animals at me though. I'm down with that.

  16. Oh, BYU raped me of my soul years ago.

    I'll see what I can do about the stuffed animals.

    I'm assuming it will be in the Wilkinson Student Center?

  17. Vulgarities! I just remembered that I have a board meeting on Wednesday... and I can't ditch it, seeing as I'm the stinkin' president of the company.

  18. Aw cuss. No stuffed animals for me.
    I'm relying on bosko who thinks dance is weird.

    Oh well mr. presidente, duty calls. At least you can stroke your chin pensively at the head of the board.


    My will. It is like a big black woman. Something that BYU does not know how to handle.

    Brigham can you handle this?
    Young can you handle this.
    Universitayyyy can you handle this?
    I don't think you can handle this!

    (Sorry about that destinys child remix I just dropped, sometimes i just can't stop this talent.)

    3 a.m. I'm not sleeping again. O__O

  19. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen a big black woman at BYU. Definitely not something they could handle.

    My meetings tend to be less chin stroking and more gavel pounding, yelling, "You're out of order!"

    ... at least I wish...

    Admittedly, I was kind of looking forward to meeting you and boskers on Wednesday.

    You guys maybe want to meet up sometime next week?

  20., this week -- I forget what day it is...

  21. The Gods of Ballroom have smiled upon me; one of the board members (the one who's going to BYU) can't make it on Wednesday, so I'll be able to make it after all.


    I don't have any dance clothes here & don't fit in my old clothes anyhow. :(

    I also must not have been paying much attention, because I dont know what to wear... Oh well I'll find out tomorrow along with partner doom.

  23. I'm pretty sure it's just Sunday dress.

    It's in the Wilk, right?

  24. yessir. It is in the wilk.

    My bad if I vom all over the floor. You makin me nervous! What an embarrassing time to meet a dance teacher.. after impending dance-fail. :D

    lol. i am currently rolling around in my bed to passion pit. if my roommates walked in right now they would probs question my sanity. one has walked in on my rando solo dance parties. and then i froze and we stared at each other awkwardly before he extorted me for money for paper towels.

    Bosko has agreed to take me to see Passion Pit in SLC & i'm terribly excited. Hopefully he doesn't hate it. ^___^

  25. uh. do you think you can describe a slip appel to chase.

  26. nevermind. i think i got it.

    but man, i'm a mess! & we get taped tomorrow...

    hopefully i get it somewhat together. :O

  27. Hehe... I've never seen your comment threads so lively. :)

    It's almost enough to make me want to come watch some dance on Wednesday...

    I don't have anything to contribute really... Just thought I'd mention that I've been amused. :D

  28. missed my class again... I set 3 alarms, but forgot to turn the volume on. -____-

    I'm just going to go to get a slurpee & cry at how awful today has been.

    not really, because I can't cry.
    bosko said he would make me, but hasn't been able to.

    PS **we're being watched. by scott. scotched.**

  29. PG: I bet your partner is pissed! Methinks you'll need more than ancient Chinese blood to escape her fury. Maybe you should email your teacher to find out who your partner is and then try to get a hold of her to practice sometime before the competition.

    Scott: I'm glad you've been amused!