Friday, February 29, 2008

The World Has Gone Insane

Maybe it's just I who have completely lost my mind. Either way, my dreams are out of control crazy. And by 'out of control crazy' I mean running around the halls of my old highschool, searching for a huge, heart-shaped pillow without a soul and a huge, star-shaped pillow without a heart -- because if I don't find them both, some beast without form will destroy me (because I need both a heart and soul to destroy it).

Hmm... actually... there just might be an underlying meaning to this. Where's Joseph, the Interpreter of Dreams, when you need him?

I've also been having a recurring dream -- and by 'recurring' I mean I've had it almost every night for the past few days -- where I'm in school (sometimes highschool, sometimes college), sitting in my second period class (or second class of the day) and completely unable to remember what my next class is.

This dream has become so familiar that I've begun to recognize it within the dream. Everytime I think, "Scrud, I don't know what my next class is," I clench my jaw and mumble angrily something like, "... it's this stupid dream again..."

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Qui suis-je ?

I am greenly chalked.

You may be wondering what this means... so am I. Perhaps revelation will unfold as this blog develops.

... stay tuned...