Monday, February 16, 2009

On Second Thought

A couple comments on my blog and an email from a friend have encouraged me to start another blog:

Pearls, Hold the Swine

It is by invitation only and will be a forum where I will be posting, among other things, my thoughts on possible ways of viewing common words that are assumed to refute the possibility of homosexuality being accepted by God.

I use the word "forum" because I expect my words to be tested and scrutinized and what-not in logical discussion.

And it is by invitation only so I can keep the monkeys out. I don't like cleaning up, stepping around, or trying to ignore monkey poo. It's a waste of time and effort that could better be spent on things even like picking my nose, reorganizing my underwear in alphabetical order by color (presently, I only have blue underwear), running around my house naked and yelling, "Faroo-Faroo Pu-Zob-Maque-que-que... stop dammit, stop, I'm stuck on que-que-faroo..."

So, if you're interested, please let me know, and I'll send you an invite -- if you aren't a monkey. My contact info is on my profile. Or you could leave me a comment here, if I can extract your contact information from your profile.


  1. Do invite me to this blog, please.

    And that display of hentai on my computer blinded me!

  2. Sign me up.

    And I too made the mistake of clicking on that last link. Totally wack.

  3. I just got grossed out :P

    I would please like to be a non-swine invited to the pithy thoughts. I love the way you think and the way you present ideas. Better than me most times, and I'm likin' that just fine.

  4. Would you happen to know what series that pic is from? =D

  5. You know I'd love an invite :)

    Fabulous title, btw

  6. Silly mohos, the tits are for the monkeys.

    I was going to just link to a picture of something shiny, but as I images.googled "distraction" I saw that picture and thought, "That would either thoroughly offend the self righteous or get them thoroughly distracted... I must use it."

    I personally find it hillariously unexpected.

    Colin: I don't know which series. Sorry. I'm not familiar with any hentai.

  7. I'd like an invite.

    ... and do people really get off on big-breasted cartoons? I never knew. Straight people are weird.

    (On the other hand, I really like this artist's Disney Heroes series... But it's all about appreciating his ability to re-imagine the two-dimensional cel artwork into an idealized and beautiful classical male form and not at all sexual. Honest!)

  8. I'd love to get signed up, too. contact info's on my profile.

  9. Sign me up too!

    Scott told me it was good that I didn't click on any links, though.

  10. Also, mind shooting an invite my way? I hardly comment as it is, and would enjoy anything written by you.

  11. [looks around at all the blood and broken furniture in the comments section of this blog]

    Why don't I get such lively discussions? :-)

    Anyway, I'm knocking at the new blog's door but can't get in.

  12. Why don't I get such lively discussions? :-)

    Some people know how to party... some people don't...

  13. Late to the party but would love an invite I don't comment much but always enjoy your I sight and writings emails in my profile :-)