Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good Grief

Do they really think they are convincing anyone of anything?

I know they are augmenting their own sense of self righteousness, thinking that they are right because there's really no way to respond to them (because what they say is a mush of unreasonable indignation). And, you know, whatever.

I really don't care if they agree with me or shed their self righteousness or not. I honestly don't. They obviously are not the target audience of my posts.

But the way they stand there like monkeys flashing their genitals in phallic threat just makes them look like fools, and the only ones who are going to take them seriously are the other monkeys flashing their genitals.

And their response to this is most often, "Nuh-uh, you are!"

Good grief, what does it take to get them to go elsewhere?

They are doing absolutely nothing to persuade me of their stance. They are doing nothing to persuade any reasonable human being of their stance. Nothing. They're just pissing in already stagnant waters, and the only ones who are going to drink are those who are already drunk on the crap.

Damn monkeys.

(And lest I be accused of personal attacks, myself, I am making no inference that their wild primate behavior has any bearing on whether or not their stance is true. In fact, I'm not even making any argument whatsoever in this post; I'm merely explaining how these ninnies come across.)


  1. I for one have been enjoying their juvenile posturing. It's fun to see people refute their own arguments with their own extreme illogic and unreasonableness.

  2. What??? - did I miss something? What ninnies? What monkeys? I'm so confused.

  3. Craig: Yeah, well, you just like looking at phalluses.

    Abe: Are you being sarcastic? Or have you not been reading the comments? Or are you saying I'm overreacting? Or are you just delirious because of the broccoli?

  4. I believe this situation is best handled in a way similar to how Strongbad deals with stupid emails.... DELETED!!!

  5. I think I'm's [sic] to that point, El Genio.

  6. Abe: Are you being sarcastic? Or have you not been reading the comments? Or are you saying I'm overreacting? Or are you just delirious because of the broccoli?

    I confess, I haven't been keeping up on all of the comments [blush]

    Jeeze, you sure do know how to stir things up. Although, I must say that I am amazed at how many straight people read your blog.

    I did enjoy Anthony's comment that we should all read The Miracle of Forgiveness. According to The Miracle of Forgiveness, merely being gay is unnatural and sinful. The church did not distinguish between attraction and behavior back then. So, if we use that as our guide, you, me, and a host of others should be excommunicated for merely having homosexual feelings - since, ya know, we're obviously not praying hard enough to overcome them.

  7. Andrew, One thing that you have failed to realize is that the people who have commented on your blog are simply doing the same things you have done. Stood up for their beliefs. Apparently you don't see their logic, so let me try to use some of mine to help you out. I'll try to be as sensitive as possible since you seem to be pretty sensitive yourself.

    Just because something isn't lined out in the scriptures as wrong, doesn't mean it's right. Take for example the 10 commandments. Rape, torture, incest, vandalizing, abortion, and abuse are not specifically mentioned. Now, I'm not comparing being homosexual to these things, but my point is that just because it isn't mentioned doesn't make it right. Is cocaine or lsd mentioned in the Word of Wisdom? Can I use the logic that is isn't to justify myself in using it?

    The Lord has given us guidelines and commandments, but we are not commanded in all things. He expects us to use the knowledge and the resources we have to make decisions on things not mentioned. One of those resources is the Prophet. Are you going to end up reconciling everything he says? This is nothing new. Prophets for decades have talked about homosexuality. If you truly have a testimony of this church then reconciling everything the Prophets have said isn't logical. Why not just join a new church? I don't agree with everything the LDS church says, and I've had to accept that many things I feel to be right are sins. If I found myself needed to reconcile and justify everything I'd go to another church where my views were accepted. I'm not telling you (or any of you) to do this, but take notice that anytime anyone has tried to reconcile something with the church, apostasy has happened.

    Again, I hope this didn't offend, and that I didn't become a monkey. I just hope that you can see the flaws in your own logic. The people commenting on both sides are just trying to prove the other wrong. There have been fallacies on both sides, and both sides have been rude. Your blog has been interesting, and I'm glad I found it for a short time, even though you will be taking it private. I hope you figure things out man, whether it be in the church or not. Just remember that history shows that reconciliation leads to false doctrine and apostasy. Follow the Prophet he knows the way.