Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ctrl - Alt - Del

I'm thinking I need to get out of Utah.

Where I'd go, I don't know.

How I'd get there, I don't know.

I just need some freshness.

I'm assuming that's a common feeling during/after a period.

... ew...


  1. @Abrooks,

    You live in Carson? I'm in North Hollywood... you might be the closest person to me.

  2. Craig & Kengo: DON'T JUDGE ME!!

    ABrooks: I've thought about it; however, if I move further west, it would probably be either Oregon or Washington... me loves the rain.

    Evan: I won't lie... I've never thought about Texas. I'm drawn to the more northern states. Don't ask me why. Actually, I think it's because I associate hermitness [sic] with the North... I am a hermit.

  3. *sigh* .. OKAAAY. I won't judge you.

    I'm feeling the need to move, too. If only the economy were in a better place...

  4. Lets all buy a bunch of Ca land in the middle of their nowhere and found a new city; just as our pioneers forefathers did. We'll call it Mohovania.

    I have dibs on Mayor.