Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ctrl - Alt - Del

I'm thinking I need to get out of Utah.

Where I'd go, I don't know.

How I'd get there, I don't know.

I just need some freshness.

I'm assuming that's a common feeling during/after a period.

... ew...


  1. Unless you want gay rights or whatever, TX is totally the place to go right now. Cheap living and hardly being affected by the recession are some pretty good reasons! Just don't go to west TX unless you like ugly.

  2. @Abrooks,

    You live in Carson? I'm in North Hollywood... you might be the closest person to me.

  3. Craig & Kengo: DON'T JUDGE ME!!

    ABrooks: I've thought about it; however, if I move further west, it would probably be either Oregon or Washington... me loves the rain.

    Evan: I won't lie... I've never thought about Texas. I'm drawn to the more northern states. Don't ask me why. Actually, I think it's because I associate hermitness [sic] with the North... I am a hermit.

  4. *sigh* .. OKAAAY. I won't judge you.

    I'm feeling the need to move, too. If only the economy were in a better place...

  5. Lets all buy a bunch of Ca land in the middle of their nowhere and found a new city; just as our pioneers forefathers did. We'll call it Mohovania.

    I have dibs on Mayor.