Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fourth Past Eighty-Two

Today I feel like I'm drowning, even though I can breath.

Not emotionally.


It is that I am lacking sleep. <- evidence that my brain is running on fumes of energy. I didn't plan that sentence, it just came out that way.

And speaking of fumes... the gas leak in my car didn't help much today. I went to SLC to have ... what's the word for a meal in between lunch & dinner? You know, like Brunch ... ?

Anyway, I met with a friend for whatever you want to call it where you sit down and eat at 3:00PM. Driving back, I was fighting falling asleep. The gasoline fumes kept wafting up... and I was like, "I am going to stop at the side of the road and just sleep for forever... a forever nap sounds really good right now."

Question: Why do heavy doses of food dye always come out green, no matter what color it originally was?

This is a sincere question; I really would like to know.

I remember, as a kid, freaking out that I had just pooped green. My mom comforted me and told me that it was just the massive amounts of Air Heads I had consumed -- oh man, I loved my sugar.

Then I was disappointed.

The Air Heads were blue (blue raspberry or blue cotton candy artificial flavors.. heaven); my poo was green. It would have been 75% cooler were it blue.

Why, I don't know, really... maybe it's because blue is much less of a natural color to come out of your body. I mean, boogers and mucus can be green. Green stuff coming out of the body isn't new.

But blue?!


Gummies sound really good right now. Peach. I could go for some artificial peach flavoring. I may dare rank such higher than blue raspberry or blue cotton candy.

I can't seem to hold onto money. I have it, so it must be spent.

Although, I did have buyers remorse the other day. I got a hand-me-down Blackberry Pearl from my sister (she upgraded). It needed a new battery, so I went and bought one at the T-Mobile store for $70. It just didn't feel right, so I looked online.

Amazon.com... $7.

I took the $70 battery back and got me the $7 battery -- thinking that if the $7 battery doesn't work, I'll just go back and get the more expensive one.

Well, the $7 battery has been fabulous. I also got a memory card for $3.00. You know how much I spent on a memory card for my previous phone? ~$50.

I did have to get a new trackwheel... and that was a whopping $9. So, I'm thinking, a Blackberry Pearl for less than $20... not a bad deal.

Sure, it's a hand-me-down and has its scratches, bumps, and bruises... but I ain't proud. I will take what I can get these days.

Maybe I should go on a McDonald's run or something. Maybe I'll try the one in Lake Point, go for a little bit of a drive.

That would mean I'd have to put my contacts back in...

I wish there were better 24hour places. Like The Sconecutter. I could go for a navajo taco from there right now.

... do I drive half an hour for a navajo taco?

Nope, I don't want it that much. But I should probably eat something.

I've been getting a little gaunt-faced what with being sick and all -- I finally went to the doctor and am on anti-biotics... I'm starting to feel much better and am feeling my appetite return.

Being sick is dangerous for me. I stop eating.

Why am I writing this post?! I should be eating and then going to bed.

How much do you want to bet that I'll go on for another few paragraphs?!


  1. what's the word for a meal in between lunch & dinner?


    To be honest, I've never been real clear on the difference between dinner and supper. Although, it appears that the last meal of the day has to end with an "er".

  2. Supper?

    I think that technically, "dinner" is the main (largest) meal of the day, whether it's eaten in the afternoon or evening, and "supper" is the last meal of the day (which may also be dinner)

    Urban Dictionary does list "linner" as the lunch-dinner equivalent of "brunch", so you could go with that.

    I finally went to the doctor and am on anti-biotics...

    Don't forget the acidophilus.

    My spell-checker thinks I meant to type "pedophiles"...

    How much do you want to bet that I'll go on for another few paragraphs?!

    Um... $0?

  3. Oh man, this was an entertaining post :)

    (and psst! linner :)

    Get some sleep, will ya? And no forever naps. I'm afraid that would make many of us quite sad.

  4. I always use "slupper" myself when I'm referring to a 3pm meal.

    Keep the tabs up! Gas fumes are good for you... lol

  5. Linner... slupper...

    I'm not a dog eating plastic tablecloths and drinking out of the toilet, people!

    Oh, and thanks for the acidophilus reminder, Scott.