Monday, February 9, 2009


Warning: This post contains some inappropriateness uncommon to my past posts.

I think I'm going through my man-period.

I'm all grumpy and have been taking things overly emotionally.

And I've been extremely horny.

I have a rather attractive straight friend who has propositioned me before...

Man, what's with all these temptations of unhealthy behavior, wanting to get all hopped up on opiates, wanting to do the deed with a straight guy?

One of my mom's famous taglines: "Satan's just bothering you because something really good is about to happen and he's trying to stop it from happening."

Me, I blame the polar bears.


  1. What if it's not necessarily unhealthy?

  2. I have a rather attractive straight friend who has expressed curiosity ...

    uh ... are you sure he's ... [bites tongue] ... oh, never mind.

  3. Ancient tradition forbids you to have any contact during that time of the month. :)

    But seriously, I agree with Abe. My straight friends are a great blessing to me since I have little doubt about where their boundaries lie. It's a variation of the old saw that good fences make for good neighbors.

  4. I hate my man-period. and I hate feeling like you've expressed. Here's to it passing quickly for you.

  5. After thinking about this a bit, I decided I would be offended if someone asked me to do something like that. I know, I know, at first it seems tempting, especially if you have been single forever. But really, think about it... you think my body is just there to satisfy some strange curiosity you have? Ewh, just makes me feel dirty. You deserve a lot better.

  6. If the friend in question was TRULY "straight", he'd simply ask a female accomplice to use a strap on.

    And as awkward as that is...I would totally love to be in that predicament. Then again I have no inhibitions.

  7. Hey Andrew.

    I agree with el genio. You do deserve a lot better. That said...

    I've gone through that period myself in which sexual desire is extremely prominent. However, I do some cost-benefit analysis as to whether the method of which I relieve it would benefit me or not. I'll send you an e mail later.

    That being said, it's nothing really unusual at all. Like me and a lot of your repliers, you're young and your body naturally has urges. :)


  8. Opiates recreationally used - unhealthy. Sex with a messed up straight guy - unhealthy (mostly for him).

    And, yes, he's straight. He's just a little messed up. And it's really less that he wants to experiment with gay sex; he wants to experiment with sex with me.

    And who wouldn't?? (Okay, I'm joking; I'm seriously not vain).

    So, the situation is less sterile than him saying "Sex me."