Saturday, August 15, 2009


Well, my posts have been few and far between lately. Starting up a nonprofit corporation which I hope will be super spectacular sure does take a lot of time & energy. It's been great, if not yet lucrative -- the first tuition due date isn't until the first of September. The student body numbers are looking really good, and we're quite optimistic for huge success.

Anyway, due to my lack of posting lately, I'm kind of wondering if people still read this blog and are still interested in little ol' Chedner and his escapades as an entrepreneur instead of little ol' Chedner and his escapades trying to reconcile his gaydom with the creeds of his religion.

Speaking of religion, I really don't know where I stand, religious-wise, anymore... I guess I'm not too concerned about my eternal destiny. I figure I'll live the best life I possibly can live, and if that's not good enough for God, be there one, then God's kind of an a-hole diva, and I'd rather not have to live with that for the rest of eternity.

I mean, really, if, come judgement day, you hear, "Yeah... you know what... you didn't wear the right kind of underwear to get into the top tier of heaven..." are you going to take that seriously? I wouldn't. I would laugh and say, "Yeah... which way to the farthest away from you?"

Don't get me wrong, it can be cool to belong to an exclusive club -- I mean, how else are you goinng to know you're better than everyone else? But it just doesn't seem very practical to me.

But, I digress. What I'm trying to get at is: Is this the retirement of Chedner, the blogger? It's not that I don't have anything to blog about -- there's always something to blog about, whether it be some philosophical pondering or some inane, yet whimsical, thought. I just wonder if I have an audience for my new self, the less angsty, mostly business Chedner.

I guess I'll see what happens.

In the meantime, I must retire... to bed.



  1. Well just to let you know, I read your blog :)

    Honestly, I kinda saw the thing with your Mormon faith a long time coming with what I saw of your posts. My faith remains but continues to evolve.

    I've been doing a lot of reading into Gnosticism lately. It's quite fascinating. Basically it's focused on the experience of God on an individual basis rather than reliance on creeds. I'll send you a few links later.

    Hope you are well and I look forward to continuing to chat with you. :)

    Peace and grace,


  2. For what it's worth, if you decide to continue blogging, I'll continue reading. Either way, thanks for sharing your insight and experiences.

  3. Same here. As long as you post, I think I'll continue to read... even if they are few and far between. I've got you in my reader so I can keep up.

    Good luck with everything.

  4. I still haven't forgiven you for threatening my health by telling me about Mission to Marzipan, but I still like you Andrew and as long as you blog, I'll read. Less angst and more smiles is good.

  5. Count me among your faithful bloggies.

    Change is good. If we don't evolve then we become stagnant. So, if we get to vote, I vote that you keep blogging - about the new Chedner (or whatever you decide your moniker to be).

  6. Just for the record,
    the weather today is slightly sarcastic with a good chance of:
    A. Indifference or
    B. Disinterest in what the critics say.

  7. I've been reading, and will keep reading if you keep blogging.

    And if you don't keep blogging, I'll expect you to keep in touch otherwise--we haven't seen you at a MoHo party for a while, and don't you still owe me some dance lessons? :)

    I hope your health has improved since a few posts ago? And I hope that things go well with your studio.

  8. Ha!

    Classic moho threats: 1
    Cans of worms: 5

    I'd say you're still very much a blogger. :-)

    And yes, I'll still be reading.

  9. Thanks, all... I honestly didn't think anyone was reading my blog anymore... go figure.

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  11. Your possible gain in a trivial amount of time would be our loss in valuable perspective and a sense of kinship with one of our own. In other words please don't.

  12. I still read. :D And I'm waiting for the next installment of your novel(s).

  13. I blog stalk you...even if it takes me four days to find a minute to read it. :)