Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dreams DO Come True!

It has been a childhood dream of mine to be able to read every issue of the Uncanny X-Men.

That dream, my friends... [pause for tears of geek-joy]... is coming to fruition.

In other news: Ben & Jerry's Cream Cheese Brownies ice cream... pretty derned good. I am debating whether or not it's my favorite. Its competitor: Karmel Sutra. Mission to Marzipan could easily be my favorite if the non-marzipan parts weren't so so-so and if the marzipan veins ran more plentifully.

In other other, somewhat related to the original other news: I made some naan today; it was pretty good. I wish I had the stuff to make some curry to go with it, but the naan was good, naan-the-less (badum-ching).

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