Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Jim & Jenny are siblings. Jenny & Jim's parents gave Jenny a cookie for cleaning her room. Jim cleaned his room, too, but he didn't get a cookie.

a scene by Andrew Martin Pankratz

Jim: Why does Jenny get a cookie for cleaning her room and I don't?

Parents: Because girls are better at cleaning rooms.

Jim: But my room is just as clean as Jenny's!

Parents: That can't be true because you're a boy and Jenny's a girl. But don't worry, if you want a cookie, you can fix your bike's chains. Boys are good at that.

Jim: I can't put the chains back on the gears! I tried, and I just can't...

Parents: You just need more practice and to get stronger. You need more vegetables, not a cookie!

Jim: I don't even like riding my bike!! I like playing in my room! And I always eat all my vegetables, and Jenny doesn't. It's not fair! I cleaned my room just as well as Jenny, and you won't even look at it because I'm a boy. I should get a cookie like Jenny!!

Parents: Your tone is very inappropriate, Jim. Life's not always fair. We're not against you tidying up your room, but you're a boy, and boys should be rewarded for doing boy things. Boys should be outside. Girls should be inside. Boys should be fixing things. Girls should be cleaning things. We reward you for doing what we expect of you.

Jim: Well, what you expect is dumb!

Parents: That is enough! Go to your room, young man!

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