Friday, January 1, 2010

Nocturne in Q Maximus

I suppose I should write an obligatory end-of-2009/beginning-of-2010 post.

But since when do I care about the rules?

That's right. I'm a bad-arse rebel. In fact, you should see my "guns."

'Cause you'd laugh and hand me a hamburger.

However, I don't really like hamburgers, so I would get offended... well, I wouldn't get offended. I'm not a prick, after-all.

I would probably thank you and down the thing.

I mean, that was very kind of you, buying me a hamburger -- and it's not like you knew I didn't like hamburgers... unless you've already read this post, then I would think that wasn't very kind, and I would mutter with a clenched jaw, "Son of a chimp, you bastard ape."

Then we would laugh, and you would buy me some ice cream.

Ah buddy, I just remembered that I have ice cream in my freezer.

Thanks for reminding me; I take back the whole bastard monkey comment.

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