Thursday, January 28, 2010


... I think that I just felt a little *too* excited that a new Naruto Shippuden episode should be waiting for me when I wake up...

Well, it's not like I was jumping up and down in my Underoos or anything like that. My eyes simply lit up for a second, and then I thought, "Hmm... I may be starting to cross a line I never wanted to cross..."

... meh, here's to the geek!


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  2. Ha, oh yeah, this was another point of...nevermind. Ya nerd. :-)

  3. @PG - Yes, I really do hate when you try to ruin a beautiful male friendship with gayness. And also, your crappy fake spoilers suck big time. I NEVER fall for them.

    @Omo - You can hate on nerds all you want. Truth is, you'll end up working for one. (ohhh! burned!! j/k) :)

    Chedner, I think it's awesome that you look forward to Naruto Shippuden! I do, too! I also look forward to Bleach on Wednesdays. Do you watch bleach? Right now it's in the middle of more filler episode crap, but previous seasons have been quite terrific.

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  5. PG: If by 'giggle' you mean grasped my heart tenderly... then, yes, like a little girl.

    boskers: I just started watching bleach a little while ago; I'm on episode 84, so I've a little ways to go. Have you seen Death Note? It gets my recommendation.

    Oh, and O-Mo actually working... pff... that'll be the day! (I believe this brings things to a third degree burn?)

    o-mo: Just because you use a smiley face doesn't mean it's going to hurt less.

  6. Heh, as if you don't enjoy being a nerd. I do, even though you and I have some differing nerdnesses.

    And the smiley was as much about what I was going to say and didn't as it was about calling you a nerd.