Thursday, March 1, 2012


[GMB] and I are both... well, let's be honest here... addicted to Legos.

It's difficult -- dare I say, "impossible" ? -- for us to say, "no," to a great Lego deal.  After all, Legos are a great investment for our future children.

Of course, there are things which would better merit our spending/saving... so we may need an intervention soon.

But only after the Lord of the Rings sets are ours.


  1. I love Legos! My home and office are covered with them. I have every Architecture set.

    I always suspected you had excellent taste.

  2. We can hardly wait to buy the architecture Legos.

  3. They came out with the Sydney Opera House on March 1. I snuck out of the office to buy it today. This weekend's project for sure.

    I recommend Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water as your first set. Best bang for your buck and really fun to put together.

  4. Whenever this intervention happens I will be happy to come and take away any tempting Lego sets :)

  5. Hey Andrew.

    Your topic is an interesting one...I will e mail you with an elaboration. Let's just say that you, as a Mormon, would never have to worry about this. ;)