Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dances for a New World

One of bosker's recent posts as well as a previous comment he made about ballroom dancing being hedonistic got me, and I hope I don't offend, kind of laughing.

He's not the first, and I'm sure he won't be the last, person I've talked to who is all, "Bleh, ballroom... I'm going to go dance at a club."

In fact, I think O-Mo was the first person I talked to who said something similar.

I'm not exactly sure I follow the line of thinking... it seems... quite backwards.

I mean, dancing to entertain = hedonism, but dancing at a club to attract some sexy-time = just having fun?

... reeeally? ...

(I'm not singling boskers out; again, I've talked to several people who've said pretty much the same thing... and I'm calling you all out.)


  1. Wait wait wait...I don't like dancing in general, for myself (especially clubbing), but I've told you on several occasions I enjoy watching dance. I'd much rather watch ballroom or modern dance performances than go clubbing. And I used to like country swing, jazz swing, and certain ballroom, but I got burned out after taking a university class. :-)

    I'd totally learn to dance with a partner, but I still wouldn't want to go clubbing.

    There. I feel better having the truth out there. :-)

  2. I don't take back my words. I think any dancing is strange. That's why it's hard to get myself to do it.

    It's not like I hate ballroom. Along with saying that it doesn't interest me, I explained that I'm completely ignorant when it comes to anything about dancing. So, I hope you didn't take anything personally. It's just a personal problem I have.

    I think I also associate dancing with being feminine and have had a wall built up since childhood. That may stem from the fact that no male family members dance. Also, culturally, where I grew up, dancing was very much a female art.

    I was teased once for being a good dancer in elementary school. Ever since then I stopped dancing. Exact same thing with singing. I was teased by a friend that I sounded like a girl when I sang. I haven't had the courage to sing until this semester--almost 12 years later!

    So keep in mind that I may change my mind about dancing (and maybe even ballroom dancing) as I work to break down barriers. :)

  3. What I'm referring to is the way that people are more hesitant to try ballroom dance than to go dance at a club.

    As I think about it, though, I realize that it's probably more because club "dancing" doesn't require any sort of technique, really, whereas ballroom is a skill (even if you come by it naturally, there's a *lot* to learn and remember and rehearse).

    So, I do stand rather presumptuous, having not really thought it out completely.

    Granted, I still am a little unfamiliar with why someone would be more willing to risk looking foolish trying to attract someone than trying to learn a new skill... but maybe that's why I'm almost 27, never been kissed, but holder of a hodgepodge of decent skills (such as ballroom dance)--of which I am very found, don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining in any way...

    Maybe instead of rolling my eyes and silently laughing, though, I should be taking notes? Heh.

    Then again, I think I would rather have a more romantic story to tell my children as to how I met their other dad.


    But as far as the whole negative stigma for male dancers, I understand, 100%. It's the whole reason why I didn't actually major in Ballroom (which probably would have made BYU bearable).

    One of my Academy's goals is to rid dance of that "predominantly feminine" air.

    After all, dance takes a lot of strength, skill, and (for Ballroom, especially) hetero passion.