Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Post Daemon Today...

Firstly, this song would make for a fantastic goof-off make out session (at least it does in my mind).

Secondly, official video... Duffy, you should hire me for choreography. For part of my c.v. you can expect a post-bronze/pre-silver open int'l cha cha cha to this song posted on my blog soon. (I hope you don't mind me using the song to help advertise what my kids will be able to do after my bronze latin class; if you do, just let me know.)

[talking to myself] ... actually, I think I'm going to create another blog just for my poetry and choreography. Not everybody enjoys such things... I guess readers can just skip over such posts if they so desire... hmm... we'll see.

In the meantime, my latest poems:


Ash, the color of his sputum
The vilest heart condemns him
To this unforgiving blood


On sait jamais
les mots
quand on n’aime plus

Les histoires
sont belles
mais ne sont plus

Et la tristesse
y reste
malgré ce bonheur

Pourtant quand on
aime fort
Il n’y a que la lune

La brillance
plus fort
que le soleil même

La révérence
en l’amour
Vaut bien la peine

De sa mort

mostly literal translation:
You never know
the words
When you no longer love

is beautiful
But is no more

And sadness
despite that happiness

However, when one
loves strongly
there's only the moon

Its brightness
even stronger
than the sun

Its reverence
in love
Is worth the penalty

Of its death


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  2. J'oubliait que tu parlait si bien le français - soit ça ou tu as volé cette belle poésie de quelqu'un ! ;)

    Mais, comme je disait, cette une belle poésie, mon chèr. Merci de l'avoir partagée.

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  4. Kengo: Je t'en prie.

    PG: Nope; I've never cha chaed or cha cha chaed to Mercy before. But my students will next week.

    And, yes, I'm all caught up with Naruto... well, once I read the latest one I will be...

  5. oh, and no west coast dvds...

    me + west coast = horrible wreck

    I guess I should work on it.

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