Sunday, February 14, 2010

Qui suis je ? d'où viens-je ? où vais-je ?

This post is inspired by Beloved Boyd's recent post.

Preamble: Firstly, this is merely a theory of mine; in no way is it a 'testimony' of any sorts. Purely logic*. Secondly, I believe that the greatest information one should be seeking from God is, "What wouldst thou have me do now?"

I theorize that if God exists and if God is our creator, then God did not hand pick our talents, traits, etc.

That is to say that I imagine that the creation of intelligence is much similar to the creation of a physical body (I'm not referring to the act of physical creation). Something initiates the creation and the laws of nature and physics and science basically take it from there.

From an "scholarly" LDS standpoint, I would imagine that God literally choosing each detail of us would, in a way, hinder our agency. I don't meant that we, ourselves, sit down and choose everything... I wish I could explain, but it would probably take me a doctorate thesis to do so.

Let it suffice, I suppose, to say that I picture God more as a parent, a guide, a teacher... not as a 'vain' sculptor, carving clay into the desired shape.

I say "vain" as I've heard many artist say that the work of art, in a way, was making the choices of what it was becoming, that trying to mold their creation into what they wanted was vain, futile.

As corny as it sounds, it's how my creative writing and choreography come to me. I really don't feel like I'm writing or choreographing it, but that it's writing or choreographing itself (trust me, I honestly roll my eyes just writing that... but it's true, corny-be-it).

I guess I could also say that I believe that we are as... well, as we are... and God is teaching us how to be that best "are" ... that we ... are...

Harumph, I don't know how to explain my thoughts succinctly.

Ah well, I guess it's time for me to pop my sleeping pill, watch the next episode of Big Love, and then fall asleep in a chemical hug.

*logic has to do with conditionals, and frankly very little to do with deciding if something is true or not in and of itself (merely if something is true based on a conditional; meaning, logic is completely applicable to faith... i.e. if(God.exists){//insert possible religious code here}).


  1. I agree with your opening question to God. It is wonderful.

    While you seem to be getting frustrated with the seeming lack of ability to precisely describe the situation as you perceive, I do get the picture; I think.

    Our actions as intelligences, our choices in the pre-earth life and perhaps the pre-existence (Still working on the difference and how the latter is even possible BTW) shaped who we became.

    Thus that is what foreordained us as "noble and great ones" or Alan's favorite phrase for us, "God's Gay Children" came about still because of our personal choices in another realm over eons of time in comparison to this blink of existence.

    Did I get it right?

    PS, I do understand the choreographing bit a lot and enjoyed your programming does at the end. :D

  2. I am pleased to see the choreography reference. Ballet was a huge part of my existence for many years. People who do not dance may not understand its purely organic propulsion in mind and body

  3. I have to say that I remember the video that the quote comes from and it is the most belabored French I have EVER heard, even though it's completely grammatically correct.

  4. BB: In a way, yes you got it, but in a way, not quite. I think being something (gay, witty, good at math, etc.) may not necessarily have to do with specific choices but just who we are naturally--which can also be affected by our choices. (Granted, this doesn't mean that, just because we are something naturally, said something is beneficial or detrimental.)

    robert: I think the same can be said about most things. Those who do not experience it don't understand it. Unfortunately, many people react negatively to that which they don't understand...

    kengo: Belabored, I'm thinking is rather appropriate to the questions...