Thursday, February 18, 2010


This, my post number "four twenty," will not be discussing marijuana.


Well, I guess I'll say that I've never tried the stuff, and I never will--and that it's a major turn-off for me, as is all smoking.

I always feel heartbroken whenever I see a cute guy and then he starts puffing on a cigarette.

Okay, maybe not heartbroken, but I am all like, "Ah man, what a waste."

I have been kind of... lusty? ... today. Walking around Walmart, waiting for my prescription to get filled, I was all, "Hmm... he's kind of cute..."

Of course, I wouldn't want to meet my luvuh at Walmart.

Home Depot, on the other hand...

Or in a minor car accident.

With my luck, we'd meet on an airplane as it was crashing, and we'd both die before we could even kiss... *sigh* ... how romantic.

I've decided that I enjoy tragic stories too much that I'm destined for one.

That way, I can look back at my life and think, "Awww, what a beautifully sad story!"

My eyes are killing me. I just switched my contacts, too.

I'm pretty blind. -6.00, both eyes.

I want laser eye surgery.

And a pet platypus.

I hear they make lousy pets, though.

Then again, most people want pets that are always up in your business, like dogs.

I much prefer cats. They're much more Chedner-esque, aloof and "You come to me, bitch, but only if I want you to."

I would get a cat, but it's SO cliché gay.

My costume for Swan Lake better turn out as I'm hoping. I'll be playing Rothbart, the evil sorcerer.

It (the costume) is going to be tricky and a LOT of work, and if it doesn't turn out, I'll curse.

One of my least favorite sounds is the sound of my alarm on my phone.

I have to get ready to go teach tap.

I kind of have a headache, not looking forward to noise. Of course, my tappers are doing pretty well. Their sounds are rather clean and clear... and under control.

Anyway, off to teach.



  1. Screw stereotypes: get a cat, so I can come play with it.

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  3. O-mo: You wish you could play with my cat.

    PG: I'm only psychic on free pretzel week.

    Unnecessary drugs are a turn-off.

    Never trust an Asian surgeon.

    And, yes, I did know about the platypi poisonosiousness. I'm already building up my tolerance.

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