Monday, February 8, 2010

Magical Birthday

This year marks my super magical, special birthday of supreme wonder and awe.

That's right, I turn 27 on 27 May.

I usually never look forward to my birthday. Ever since after elementary school, it's pretty much been just another day to me. Don't get me wrong, though, I don't mean that in an sort of Eeyore tone, just that matter-of-fact-purely-logical Chedner tone.

For some reason, however, I'm looking forward to my birthday this year. I don't know why. I've really no specific reason to.

I've actually been feeling rather optimistic about 2010 in general.

I'm hoping that this just may be the year it all starts to come together.

The future for my Academy is looking fabulous (and promises not only to be an enjoyable career but one that will be able to provide for my future family down the road).

I'm starting to become a little more social (who knows, maybe I'll even meet someone who's both available and interested in dating me).

I'm dealing with my clinical depression in a more realistic way (another hurdle, I've decided, is being able to handle life with someone who will most likely be dealing with major depressive and general anxiety disorders for the rest of his life).

Even considering my insomnia3, my physical health has never been better (I'd still like to gain ~15-20 lbs, but I've also never been more content with my size as I am now).

And it all starts the year of my magical birthday.

... hmm... I'm thinking this optimism could be dangerous.

I mean, what happens if I'm all Pollyanna-ing life and ~SMACH~ the Academy crumbles and/or I am shunned by all my friends and/or my depression reaches a low of epic proportions and/or I develop some disease that wastes me away to absolutely nothingness, throwing me into financial ruin?!

I've been optimistic about a year or two before, and they never really were that great.

Yeah, I think I better find my old pessimistic self.

That way, I'll either get what I expect or be quite pleased.

This year and my birthday are going to suck dry sewage.


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  2. My 27th birthday on March 27th was one of my best. Hope yours is just as good.

  3. PG: It must be you that's going to make my 2010 spectacular of spectularness.

    Maybe, if you crash my hermit weekend, we can have a depression party on Valentine's day, bake Valentine's day cookies and burn them to a black crisp of sorrow.

    I've actually never seen Pollyanna. One of my other friends used the term a few years ago, and I stoled it from her.

    Rumba anytime. Hockey sticks and German girls. Do you get to choose your partner for the March competition?

    GLA: Thanks; I'm hoping it will be a good one.

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  5. No opposition to Resident Evil 5 -- or the gummies (~_^)... but $30 is quite a bit for one bag of candy...