Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pankratz X

I've decided that, out of all of my ten siblings, I'm the coolest.

Being the tenth child, I lay claim to the title: Pankratz X

I am the penultimate child.

I am the penultimate boy.

My first name is the only one that starts with a vowel.

I'm the one who took the gay bullet.

... yeah... I'm pretty much the coolest...

(yes, this post is very much tongue-in-cheek)


  1. Nothing wrong with counting your blessings. We should all come up with reasons why we think we're cool.

  2. Yeah what's this "tongue-in-cheek" junk? This is all verifiable TRUTH. And it does make you pretty freaking cool.

  3. I'm the youngest too. The best truly are saved for last.

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  5. Also the penultimate child... penultimate boy... gay bullet. I'm riding on your coolness coattails.

  6. I'm mortified. I looked up "penultimate" - "next to last". That's what a BS and a JD gets you - ignorance. Nevertheless, the youngest is, in fact, the best.