Sunday, February 7, 2010

To be or not to be...

... a hermit.

Admittedly, I enjoy my alone time.

But these past few weeks I've been a little more social than I usually am, and... I think I'm liking it.

Granted, my 'social outings' involve small numbers of people. Outings with lots of people... not really a fan.

And, living in the middle of nowhere, the outings begin and end with a long-ish drive of alone-ness... well, I guess I often invite Diana Krall or Jamie Cullum or Chopin or Don Juan or the likes along for the drive.

Anyway, I'm starting to wonder if I should start trying to be more social, even if it's just a little bit.

Then again, meeting new people runs the risk of me finding new addictions... thanks a lot boskers for the recommendation of The Vision of EscaFlowne; I probably won't sleep until I've seen the entire series.

... speaking of which...


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  2. Lol! Sorry? I've got a bunch of series up my sleeve that are just as addicting.

    @PG - Uhh.. OF COURSE I've seen NGE. That's a classic!

    PS I hope you guys are watching them in Japanese with subs. American dubs suck major.

    PSS Diana Krall & Jamie Cullum = awesome.

  3. PG: I haven't seen neon genesis evangelion... and for right now, I'm going to pretend I've never heard its name before.

    I knew that song had memories for me! A few years ago, one of my straight guy friends was trying to seduce me with the Cranberries... heh, he was drunk and all, "This music is how I feel about you..."


    (andrew.argentineTango == false), but I have the necessary reference material to learn.


    It would be easier to believe you about the drugs if I hadn't found your tinfoil heroine pipe in my car last night...


    You and boskers are free to crash my 24/7 hermit party chez moi anytime.

    There's plenty of no-boot parking.

    Although, don't be fooled by the piano in the living room.

    (piano.tuned == false && piano.allKeysEnabled == false)

    We could also probably chill at my sister's house in Draper. I gots a key, and she's often at her boyfriend's house until late. I'm sure she wouldn't mind (of course, I'll get permission first). Draper's more in the middle of Provo and Tooele.


    I've been saying, "I'm pretty cool like that" for a while now. I think I used to say it in high school even.

    boskers: Yeah, I refuse to watch dubbed shows; it's part of my quality snobality.

    Well, sometimes I'll watch movies dubbed in French to help me with my French comprehension (but never the first time I watch a movie, and most usually only with animated movies).

    While I usually don't have any desire to go see any live shows, music-wise, I would love to see Jamie Cullum and Diana Krall live... actually, jazz in general is probably the only style of music that I have any real desire to hear live.

  4. ... uh... you did not just piazolla all over my blog!

    Belgium/Brussels this summer, totally. We could stay with my brother and his family who're stationed in Germany (he's a Major in the Air Force).

    ... heh, I wish I could afford a trip to Europe...

    I do like Emilie-Claire Barlow.

    Here she is singing with French musical star Bruno Pelletier.

    Granted, I'm not feeling Bruno's jazz singing; although, I love his voice in Notre Dame de Paris and Dracula: Entre l'Amour et la Mort (the latter is a dumb^6 musical but has decent songs, including a nice tango).


    Well, it's at least a conversation between you and me, PG. Boskerello is probably all, "Psh, I'm too coo' for these dancer posers; foo's be trippin' if theys think Ima comment again."

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  6. Baguettes and cheese. Mmmm... baguettes and cheese...

    Prince Jharming, eh? Boskers looking for a Bollywood prince?

    I could maybe go straight for a half Indian girl.

    And I've seen a few cute Indian boys, too. I probably could have dated one, but he didn't seem to be one who would want to wait to have sex, so I didn't pursue things.