Thursday, February 4, 2010

My First Crush

There's two significant 'first crushes' in my life: my first "innocent" crush and my first "I'm in love" crush.

My first "innocent" crush befell me when I was seven. I was sitting in church, of all places. A boy was visiting and I remember staring at him and trying to figure out what was going on inside my mind. I decided I just "really wanted to be friends" with him.

Such was how I viewed my crushes on boys until [Him].



So many times I had "convinced" myself that I was over him... but the bastard keeps finding his way back into my heart.

Speaking of deal-breakers... my future hubs will have to, obviously, get me over [Him].

That's right, I still have yet to get over the blaggard.

Damn [Him]!

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