Friday, May 15, 2009

What I Am

I've decided that I'm a Log Cabin Mormon.

I believe in the Church that was founded on April 6, 1830 in the log cabin of Joseph Smith, Sr.

I believe that any principle which was not essential for the official setup of the Church of Christ is not essential for our salvation. Note the word essential. Other principles may bring us a greater understanding of how salvation works and what-not; however, I cannot believe that any principle that was not a requisite for God to give Joseph Smith the go-ahead to make the Church official could be an official requisite for gaining exaltation.

Indeed, I believe everything that is required of us to gain eternal life is found within the Book of Mormon. Again, anything more may give us a greater understanding of what salvation looks like, but the guidelines to gain salvation are laid out clearly and plainly within the Book of Mormon.

This stems into my view of the Bible. Anything not reiterated within the Book of Mormon -- which is basically a reiteration of biblical teachings and nothing more or less -- is not from God but from man, including the interpretation of the sins of Sodom & Gomorrah.

I believe God's Plan of Happiness is simple, plain, and humble; is not a respecter of persons; was founded upon the principle of charity, the pure love of Christ; and intrinsically fosters a joyful reaction.

Any message proposing God's plan which grants anything but joy and gratitude in any sincere heart is, at best, weighed down with haughty purposes foreign to God's purity.

This is my proposed roughly drafted creed of the Log Cabin Mormon.

I'm probably the only one, but log cabins tend to be pretty small, anyway.


  1. I definitely feel similiarly about the gospel. People make it too complicated. It all only makes sense when it's kept to simple truths.

  2. This is so true and pretty much perfectly describes my feelings as well! Brilliant, my friend, completely brilliant!