Monday, May 18, 2009

The Third Moho

I failed to mention the third kind of moho -- the kind of moho I once was.

The third moho is the one sitting on the fence, not knowing what to do, waiting for God to carve an answer into stone tablets for them.

They may question some things about the Church but remain loyal to its counsels. They are usually sincere in simply wanting to do what is right.

Some are content with their limbo; others spend innumerable hours pouring over the scriptures and listening to every word of every Church official, hoping that something more understandable will be mentioned during the next General Conference.

I have no qualms with these mohos.

There's also the fourth kind of moho, the cultural moho -- those who have a Mormon past but don't really associate with the Church anymore.


  1. The fourth type does indeed exist, but they'll very seldom if ever refer to themselves as "Mohos".

  2. The fourth type does indeed existMoHoHawaii and Master Fob are just a couple that come to mind

    Andrew, I nominate you as the official MoHo anthropologist :)

    Although, I am curious - which MoHo type do you peg me as?

  3. Aside the implication that we're hapless and/or spineless — I'd have to say I'm probably this type of MoHo. I'm active in my ward and stake, I have a meaningful calling, and I have a testimony. I'm also out and date men. I just value my membership in the Kingdom™ more than I value the benefits of a sexual relationship.

  4. Yes, the "Fence-Sitter" MoHo is a good way of describing me in my current spot.