Friday, May 1, 2009

Skinny Dipping

Even though there are times when I may come off as confident and "boastful," I'm actually quite unsure about myself in the physically attractiveness arena.

Compliments, although extremely flattering (and for which I am grateful, if I may use an abused Mormon word), from those who've experienced my personality are usually held in suspect.

I'm not unsure about my personality. Although it's an acquired taste, my personality is... well, I enjoy being me, I guess is the most succinct way of putting it.

Isn't that crazy, though? It's so much easier accepting a compliment when I share the sentiment.

Anyway, Vegas was kind of a self-esteem booster. My friend went to buy some cologne in a nice boutique. I couldn't quite decide whether or not me likied the clothes (the ties, definitely)... but me definitely likied one of the clerks.

My eyes met his on accident (the first time was an accident, anyway -- the other three or four, not so much). My friend and I were already being helped by another guy, but this other clerk kept inching towards us. The transaction was completed before the clerk got close enough to talking distance, and so I didn't get the chance to see if he was interested in more than just a sale (hah... uh... that could sound a little dirty).

Then, after watching a lame fountain presentation at Caesar's Palace, my friend told me that I was being "eye-f'ed" throughout the entire thing by a guy across the room. One could say the guy would be classified in a "high-esque league" I suppose, and while I'm really not attracted to such, I felt... well, let's just admit that I did enjoy it.

So, I'm trying to think of myself as someone who could, indeed, be physically attractive.

More importantly, though, I'm learning the importance of getting out of my comfortable bubble of introversion to meet more people.

Maybe one day I'll be able to linger in a boutique just a little longer...


  1. Everyone should have the luxury to feel comfortable in their own skin. In a perfect world, everyone is afforded that elusive privilege, among all the others.

    Those who inherit that gift should none the less hold on to all the humility they possess. Untarnished settings tend to make the real gems stand out.

    ^I just read this, what the hell am I smoking?

  2. Heh, you saying I shouldn't let it go to my head?

  3. Basically. It was one o'clock when I said...that.