Thursday, May 21, 2009

MOM-y Mohos

Mohos in mixed orientation marriages (or MOM-y mohos), I would say, don't fit into a separate category but belong to one of the four previously mentioned categories.

That is, there are the MOM-y mohos who are self-righteous, proudly proclaiming that their actions are the "Light and the Way; Follow my behavior and receive your exaltation!!!"

There are the MOM-y mohos who have gay lovers on the side (or act out gayly in some way), pinging back and forth between repentance and cheating.

Then there are the MOM-y mohos who are sitting somewhat on the fence about one thing or another, whether it be their marriages, the Church's stance on gay marriage, how to fulfill unmet needs without being unfaithful to their spouses, etc.

Oh, there are the cultural MOM-y mohos, too -- I know of at least one.

And there's perhaps the fifth kind of moho, the one who is simply content with everything; there's really no fence sitting. Whether they are hetero-ly married or single, they are simply faithful mormons who happen to be attracted to the same sex -- no big deal. (Maybe this should be the fourth and the cultural mohos the fifth.)

Now, I should mention that I don't intend to imply any judgments on any of type of moho. Okay, okay, in all honesty, I do think the self-righteous mohos are pricks (as I feel about all self-righteous people)... I guess I should work on that, but I'm already going to hell, so screw it.

As long as I'm being honest, I guess I should admit that I do think that the second kind of moho can be hypocritical -- which I disdain as equally as self-righteousness. And, no, I don't disdain the people. Granted, I don't respect them -- but I don't hate them.

Concerning the third kind of moho, though, I have no qualms. I don't think them spineless guppies who need to grow a pair and make a decision.

This decision was the most difficult decision to make for me, personally -- it almost cost me my life. I can totally empathize with the fence sitters.


  1. OK, so to remain in your good graces, I need to be a MOM-y MoHo type 3, 4, or 5?

  2. Thank you for recognizing the serious fence-sitting MOM-y Mohos as a viable option worth empathy...

  3. abe: gifts don't hurt, either

    beck: you're welcome