Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sealing My Fate

Well, in light of my possible excommunication from being gay, I need to confess something:

I'm more of a republican than I am a democrat.


I said it.

... take me or leave me...


  1. I'm more of a republican than I am a democrat.GASP!!!!

    Now I think I love you even more :)

    Maybe you should become a Utah delegate for the Log Cabin Republicans.

  2. You've always come off as Libertarian to me than anything else.

  3. Hey Andrew.

    I understand. I myself do not care for either party, for my impression of both, based on their major campaign contributors, is that they are far more concerned with representing the elite rather than the main core of their constituency, which is the middle income earner. I believe myself to be socially liberal and economically conservative, the latter being prominent in the current budget crisis of California. Though also I agree with Colin that you seem to be a bit more of a Libertarian mold...:)

  4. Haha - You can keep your queer card...for now.

  5. Maybe if you confess that you are
    "more of a republican," they will be easier on you. :)