Monday, October 27, 2008


I just found out that there is a new X-Men cartoon series coming in January on Nicktoon Networks: Wolverine and the X-Men.

I am so excited, I'm crying... okay, so I'm not really crying, but I'm quite excited; I hope it lives up to (even surpasses) the brilliance that was the 90's series.

The X-Men spoke to me even before I really knew that I was [a mutant], a deviant, a threat to society, one whose [powers] are unnatural and must be suppressed by law.

One thing that I've always especially loved about the X-Men: they don't wear disguises, just uniforms to show their united cause.

If only they were real and I, indeed, had mutant powers; I'd totally join the X-Men...


  1. So, what would your X-men power be?

    I'd probably get some lame power - like causing people around me to have a runny nose.

  2. ... basing things on my stature and physical frame, I would probably have some sort of mental powers... like uncontrollable impulsiveness... oh, wait...