Friday, October 17, 2008


Being sick without my mommy kinda sucks.


[trying not to mention anything about gay marriage]




I think a lot of people use this "I need my mommy; I'm sick" kind of feeling to support the belief that two men are less ideal than a man and a woman in raising children.

For me, though, this feeling is not associated with my mom's physical attributes but her caring nature... which nature I hope to be able to one day truly take upon myself, especially when I am a parent -- and to which nature I am attracted in a potential spouse.

So, when my kids are grown, on their own, and sick, they will hopefully whimper, "I need my daddies."


... that's assuming I ever get married...

I still really don't know where to even start looking to find a guy who values the same things as I.

I'm not in any hurry, but I'm definitely ready to start heading toward that next phase in life.


  1. That's so true. A good parent will mother or father, regardless of if they are a mother or a father.

    What I find funny is how many mothers are actually quite stereotypically masculine in their parenting. When their kinds are hurt they tell them to stop crying and shake it off. I've noticed a number of our boys' peers, those of heterosexual parents, go to their dads when they get hurt on the play ground or soccer field.

    Yet, not once have I heard anyone say it'd be best for all if such parents were kept from legal marriage.

  2. Maybe you should try shirtless pics on Connexion. I hear there are lots of good Mormon guys there looking for boyfriends with values. ...or something...

  3. Is it that hard to find the right guy in Utah of all places?

    Be grateful you don't live in west TX, although the student branch I go to has an abnormally high amount of gay guys right now. Usually I am the only one :)

  4. scot: Observing my eight married siblings makes it really apparent to me that mothering doesn't spout from girl parts and fathering doesn't come from boy parts.

    (In rereading that, I'm thinking the imagery is rather disturbing... but I'll leave it for effect.)

    omo: Doing a little window shopping are we... ?

    evan: I can't say that there aren't right guys out here; it's just that I don't know where to look...