Monday, October 13, 2008

No Fear

I remain steadfast in the faith of Jesus Christ. He who is Love. He who is Compassion. He who is Mercy. He who is Boundless. He who is goodness.

He fills me up when hungry. He lifts my head in sorrow. He directs my path, and I will follow Him.

And I hold no fear of judgment day... no, I am but a giddy child, eager to present to my Father the present of my life, the good works I hope to fulfill, the lives I hope to touch, the spouse I hope to love, and the children I hope to raise to hold the same joy in Christ.

Sure, there will be dinks and tears and stains on my gift -- just as most homemade gifts from a child. Sure, it will not be greater than any other gift; in fact, it will perhaps be meager compared to most... but it is unique, it is simple, it is my contribution to Him.

And I will have made it out of love and hope and charity. And I make it not in anticipation of the reward I will receive, but in anticipation of sincerely showing God the goodness my heart can bring forth.

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