Wednesday, March 3, 2010

If I Ruled the World

... or reasons why I'm not...
  • we would hibernate for 6 months every year;
  • nobody would know what the hell was going on;
  • I would get marzipan for free;
  • actually, there wouldn't be any money;
  • education would be top priority;
  • they would make clothes for short, petit guys;
  • I would live in a small castle with amazing gardens;
  • criminals wouldn't go to jail but have to walk on all fours (they would be fixed with an apparatus to force such);
  • haute couture would be the common dress; and
  • everything would be open during the night.

p.s. I decided to go with a separate blog for my poetry and choreography.


  1. You reminded me of this

  2. if haute couture were common, then common would be haute. it's the un common-ness of haute that makes it so fabulous. surely you know this. i just want access to it.

  3. David: Heh, that's an excellent link!

    mandi: Indeed, I do know this. In fact, I almost went on a tangent to say such. But I also thought, "If haute couture were the norm, then think of how fabulous the then haute couture would be!" (if that makes sense...)