Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Degrees of Accomplishment

A recent experience reminded me that I have a "degree system" for my goals.

I guess the best way to explain what I mean is to give an example:

Base Goal:
Make BYU's Ballroom Team
  • First Degree - Make team before graduation.
  • Second Degree - Make team first year trying out.
  • Third Degree - Be told by one of the dance instructors that I should try out.
  • Fourth Degree - Be invited onto team without trying out.
I accomplished this example goal to the 3rd degree, it being only one of three that has gone so far. One of those three surpassed the fourth degree (not only did I take state in dramatic interpretation with a perfect score, my nose started to bleed at the most perfect of times as I was performing my piece--Jekyll & Hyde--for the medal round).

Now, I don't actually sit down and think out specific conditions for the degrees of my goals. I merely set the base goal, and then, once I've accomplished my goal, I tend to evaluate to what degree it was accomplished.

And I'm always more than happy accomplishing my goals to the first degree.

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