Sunday, March 28, 2010

Underoos Panty-kratz

Warning: This post may cause you to visualize me in my underwear... not that you haven't already*

I had a few hours to kill today, so I decided to walk aimlessly around a few stores. In my not-even-window-shopping, I noticed the wall of Underoos in Target.

Reminded of the nickname (referring to the title of this post) my sister, Teena, had haphazardly given me a few years ago, I perused the selection.

"Oooh, Spider-Man Boxer Briefs."

[eyes widen]


(reading package of largest size) "...hmm... I weigh more than twice that much, and my waist is almost 6 inches larger..."

About $6 and 20 minutes later, I'm in my sister's bathroom squeezing into my first pair of Underoos in perhaps 20 years... realizing as I look into the mirror that I had finally bought a pair of underwear that may just let me keep my gay card.

Rise: Über-Low
Goods: Smashed
Novelty: Off the Charts

In related news: I have, for the first time in my life, been thankful for my small derrière.

*I jest ; calme-toi !


  1. Little boys underwear? Seriously? Knowing that one can get comic prints in mens sizes might deduct some points from the gay card. I think you can even get some by tre sheik gay fashion designers too. Once I was old enough to wear big boy underwear with out cartoons I never looked back. To each their own. But the glow in the dark part does give you a point or two.

  2. Check out Ginch Gonch underwear. They make 'kids' patterns in adult sizes. My boyfriend has a few pair of these. They're very cute.

  3. The difference between "big boy" underwear with comic prints and "little boy" underwear with comic prints is at least $20. Plus, I like how the waist bands are thinner; it works better with my frame, in my opinion.

  4. It shows how skinny you are and how skinny I'm definitely not! Ha!

    Ginta's started wearing underoos - he's partial to spiderman (spends most of the day jumping around making a web-noise).

    If they work for you, they work for you, right?

    I think you may be able to find less pressuring on the goods, however, which I think could get uncomfy.

  5. str8on: I may or may not also jump around making a web-noise...

    I was expecting more discomfort, especially after first squeezing into them, but the fabric has proven to stretch rather nicely.

    I won't like... I'll probably be purchasing more...