Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Teaching kiddos is a dangerous job.

I swear this is like my hundredth cold (or whatever this evilness is) this year.

... one more class, and then I'll be able to go to bed...


  1. Lotsandlotsandlots of hand sanitizer, baby. That's how I got through working in a public school setting relatively unscathed.

  2. Working with the kiddies definitely has its ups and downs. The infestation of germs being a major drawback. Kids are carriers of EVERYTHING. I, too, have ended up ill several times this year. I avoided the flu, H1N1, and the other major health scares, but the common cold and a stomach flu put me out of commission for a number of days this year. Yet, we trudge forward...

    It's the price we pay for our dedication to the kids.

    Get well soon!

  3. I so agree with you. I taught fourth grade last year and that was not too bad, but I am doing 1st grade this year. The difference it that their hands are all over everything and all over me... I love getting the hugs but I have been really sick this school year.

  4. I hear you. :)

    My first few years of teaching, (Jr. High/ High school 200+ every day), I was ALWAYS sick. Now, after years, I hardly ever get sick. So, if you can keep with it, your antibodies will kick in and keep you relatively healthier in years to come. :)

    And, the hand sanitizer and washing desks with clorox wipes REALLY makes a BIG difference.

  5. When I taught second grade, I wiped the desks down twice a day with those clorox wipes, and I used hand sanitizer often.

    My students and I remained pretty healthy all year long.

    ... I guess it is time for me to revert back to those germophobe days...