Monday, March 1, 2010


Dear blogulas. Andrew is taking a nap.
You may remember my coolness from ?2? weeks ago.

Anyhways, I got stuck in SL,UT on Fridays and watched a movie with some bums. & Utah bums are a whole lot nicer than some other bums I've met. A Whole Lot.

Speaking of movies, check out shaolin grandma . We just watched it, and I must say it is an ~awfully~ good movie.


Le water main is blocked right now, and its made for a naztecs weekend. I'm waiting for the plumbers to come and fix it, so I can shower.

♥Bye everybody & Stay Cute!♥


PS I did not Infiltrate. This is totes magotes with permissions. If cheds says otherwise he is a sneaky snake.

Also saxophone is still not gross.


PPS This is Andrew now. E-mail me for a good time.
[Just kidding. hes still nappin.]


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  2. It just donned on me that SL, UT - without the comma - spells 'slut'

    Just sayin' ...