Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Style & Gifts from Korea

Ever since always I've been trying to find "my style" -- especially and specifically a hairstyle. Granted, it's tough to really take upon oneself a style when one doesn't really know who one is -- or who one is going to be.

Now, however, that I'm becoming much more steady of a personality, I think I'm starting to see "my style." Below is an instance of where I'd like to start heading -- including and specifically the hair:

The sweater is definitely me -- argyle is perhaps my most favorite of patterns. I've also been going through a 'brown' phase (... hmm... that sounds like an accident after drinking bad water), but most importantly, I think the hairstyle would work well for me -- those who know me please feel free to 'yay' or 'nay.'

And in other news: I FINALLY FOUND DON JUAN EN DVD!!!!

Oh, I am so happy... it's perhaps my most favorite French musical, and I was elated to hear it was going to be released to DVD (doubly so when it was set to release on my birthday, nonetheless -- this was a few years ago).

And then I was devastated when the DVD was unavailable -- and unfindable... until almost a year ago when I heard that the DVD was actually released in Korea (???). It took me several months of online searching -- and pleading with God... okay, so I really don't pray to be able to find French musicals on DVD -- to finally find my hero of a site:

I had to wait even a few more months before I could afford it, but FINALLY I received it in the mail yesterday! Such a joyful occasion!

To quote me a few paragraphs before: "Oh, I am so happy..."


  1. I'm happy you're much did this cost? *raised eyebrow*

    I think you should definitely try the hair, or something like it. Shaved is not a good look for you. *wink*

  2. how much did this cost

    Let's just say I could have bought a new car instead... (well, at least a toy remote control car, anyway).

    Shaved is not a good look for you

    Did you even see me when my head was shaved? I don't think so.

    Granted, it wasn't my favorite look, and I'm very grateful it grew back... and I'm sort of dreading when I go bald... hopefully before then I'll have enough money to at least fake not being bald -- in a natural looking way, of course.

  3. I think that hairstyle would work for you.

    I hate my hair. It's somewhat thin and a bit wavy, so I can't really do anything cool with it. I tried to go with a fauxhawk type of style for a couple of months, and I just couldn't get into it.