Friday, August 29, 2008

... must... dance...

I just watched Don Juan -- I waited until today 'cause my sister wanted to watch it too (man, I'm such a friggin' awesome bro)...

I must say I love French musicals -- very much my style. The choreography, especially, is 'me' -- what I would do if I were in charge. I'm pretty much French.

Anyway, I'm really missing dancing. I'm really missing choreographing (without compromising my artistic style/vision).

I think it would be awesome to put together a dance team. Below are a few songs I would like to choreograph:
  • Gravity, Vienna Teng (couple, Trepidation)
  • Burn, Collective Soul (team, Paso Doble -- maybe even Samba (NOT a typical Samba, I know -- I'm not really one to be conventional))
  • Love is the Ritual, Styx (team, Cha-Cha-Cha)
  • Pieces of Eight, Styx (couple, Pas de Deux)
  • La Pachawmwa, Azabache La Reina Caribeña (team, Samba -- completely traditional)
  • I'm a Cucumber, Brak (solo, Tap)
  • Beauté Cachée, Cécile a dit (couple, Rumba)
  • Steam Heat, The Pajama Game (team, Theatrical)
  • Je Chante, Charles Trenet (solo, Tap)
... the list goes on.

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