Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Any Artists Out There?

If any of you who read my blog are -- or know someone who is -- an artist (illustration-wise) and would be interested in doing artwork for some Adobe Flash based games, give me a holler.

I've got a few ideas and would like to get produced and could use a few good artists.

(I should mention I'm not doing such for monetary gain -- that's what my full-time job is for -- but as a hobby and for experience.)

So... if anyone's out there...


  1. I have a good friend who's an illustrator and a very talented artist. I am confident that she'd want to get connected with you . . . what kind of requirements would you have? My friend's name is Donna. should I send her here to your blog I guess?

  2. Awesome! Have her shoot me an email -- chedner@gmail.com -- with some samples of her work, and we'll go from there.