Sunday, August 10, 2008

Proposition 8 is from God

I went to see The Dark Knight with my sister last night -- this is actually the second time I've seen it. It's a good show, somewhat long -- probably would have been better as two movies, the first introducing the Joker and the second on the Dark Knight theme... but that's beside the point of this post (if you haven't seen The Dark Knight, this post may not make too much sense, though).

Anyway, all the hullabaloo concerning California's Proposition 8 has really got me thinking, and I am beginning to think that this proposition was, indeed, from God. Now, I don't mean "inspired by God" but "God didn't say no."

I cannot believe that God inspired such actions the LDS church is taking -- especially if God is Christ. Christ was not concerned, in the least bit, with making sure His teachings were upheld by the law. He was concerned with and only with the individual welfare, both spiritual and physical, of His children... which is why I believe God is allowing the LDS church to be so hostile.

He is playing the Dark Knight; He is accepting the blame here... because it's going to give some members the courage to detach themselves from a lesser life, away from hostility, and attach themselves to a healthier, happier, more meaningful life.

To confess, I was once again sinking into the, "Maybe I'll hold out a little longer, go back to the Church; they seem to seeking, somewhat, to understand how to make life better for the gay member" temptation. Then the LDS church made her stance on Proposition 8, and all the harrowing memories of my time in the LDS church, not being sustained or supported in my decision to live a celibate life, flooded back to me, and I knew it is not a good place for me to be.

I saw how the LDS church is so willing to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of time to support legalizing their ideals when they wouldn't do anything to help make my life more bearable -- there were times when I simply could not sustain myself; there were times when I literally went hungry during the day because I could not afford food, and I was told, "You need to change your attitude. You need to be more self-sufficient. You need to do this... you need to do that."

Nowhere was it said, "I can see this is tough for you, let me help you..."

I thank God for playing the Dark Knight. The general membership of the LDS church is not ready to accept homosexual couples -- it's probably going to take another decade or so -- and so the best thing, I think, God can really do is to allow the leaders of the church to create a sufficiently hostile environment so that those who need that extra, "It's not very safe for me here in the Church," push will get it and find a better life.

I just hope, however, there will be no suicides this time.


  1. Considering that has decided NOT to appeal the ballot language, what chance do you really see for Prop 8 to pass? I just don't see a majority of Californians voting YES on a proposition titled ELIMINATES RIGHT OF SAME-SEX COUPLES TO MARRY.

    Once the churches realize that Prop 8 is an almost guaranteed loser, are they going to do the right thing and let their members know? If not, what happens after Prop 8 loses by 40-60 (or worse), and then the members find out that the church leadership was privy all along to internal polling that predicted a crushing defeat? Do the members get their money back?

    Or do they get stuck paying for ads that were run by a campaign that knew it was going to lose but ran them anyway!

  2. LDS ‘Yes on 8′ Game Plan

    I’ve posted a letter sent from Boyd K. Packer on July 28th to the LDS stake presidents in California:

    BKP July 28

    Apparently, there is a plan in place to put up one million ‘Yes on 8′ yard signs at 7:00 am on September 22nd.