Sunday, August 10, 2008

Those Things I Do

I should probably note that, although I may have many philosophies and theories (such as my previous post), such are not the foundations on which I build my life.

Rather, I make my choices based upon those things which bring value, meaning, and substance to life.

One of the things I value most is family, and I desired to start a family of my own, to raise children with a spouse whom I love completely and who complements me completely, to create a family that loves God and seeks to make the world a more livable and beautiful place.

This is why I left the church, why I sacrificed my membership, so I could pursue that which is more valuable: a family.

Some often pooh-pooh this decision, proclaiming that I'm just looking for the easy way out... if they only knew how difficult such a sacrifice is... especially when they are doing everything within their power to belittle, disparage, and debase my choice.

If only they would listen to my testimony, and the testimonies of so many others, concerning the guidance felt from God in making this choice. They don't have to believe such is true, but I just wish they would listen and pray about it. Unfortunately, that's too much to ask.

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