Sunday, August 31, 2008

Five hours behind... a few months ahead

So, my roommate invited me to dinner at one of his friend's house. To be honest, I really wasn't wanting to go because I've been needing to finish a couple of websites I've been working on for far too long.

Despite, I decided to go... and I'm glad I did. In those five hours (two longer than I anticipated), we landed a prospect of a cheaper place to live, and I met a Ballroomer of the female-not-taller-than-I variety (who happens to be looking for a Ballroom partner as well).

If these work out, I'll have checked off two major goals that I wasn't expecting to take care of for a few months. Now... time to make up the five hours of programming I missed...

In other news: I'm thinking of trying school again (perhaps obviously not at BYU this time). In fact, I've already filled out FAFSA and applied for the next semester at the University of Utah.

Although I abhor bureaucracy, I can't escape it -- and it's pretty much vital to have an official piece of paper declaring I can, indeed, do what I can do.

But that's where my problem with school lies: Why am I studying something I can already do -- or learn on my own perhaps more quickly than in a class?


  1. All school shows is that you are dedicated to work.

    I hate it too :(

  2. All school shows is that you are dedicated to work.

    ...hmm... maybe that's my problem, I'm not dedicated to work...