Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In Sum (2 of 8)

I think I'll entitle 2008, "The Year I Stitched the Damn Thing Up."

The year started out like a deep cut on my thigh which was making it difficult to walk. In previous years, I had tried to fix the cut with band-aids... but it was far too deep for band-aid aid. So, I took a deep breath and stitched it up at the end of the first quarter of 2008.

My mobility improved drastically almost over night, and the rest of the year was spent nursing the healing wound and working on being able to walk around normally. And although there are still some impairments in my mobility and some healing to go, things are looking really good for a full recovery.

Hopefully, there won't be too much of a scar, if any.


  1. wow, what a great analogy. I pray for you to have a complete recovery!

  2. Thanks, Sarah.

    I look forward to partyin' chez toi tonight. It probably won't be until 10 before I make it... I hope that's cool.

  3. NP. We'll see you when you get here!