Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Amazing Grace

I spent the day at the hospital with my twin-sister-from-another-mister. Her mom is in bad shape... and by 'bad shape' I mean it's down to the question of "pulling-the-plug" or not.

Life can be really tough sometimes.

I hope my being there helped make things a little lighter for her and her family.

In other news: I have yet to meet a legitimate song entitled "Gravity" that I naught but love; however, I quite dislike every version of "Amazing Grace" that I've heard... except one (which I love).


  1. I buck the normal trend and am with you on this one, Andrew. I do not like Amazing Grace one bit, but it's for a purely personal reason. I spent a lot of time in my pre-mission days and on my mission defending the Church against offensive and bigoted attacks by "Christians" who were constantly singing "Amazing Grace" and telling me I wasn't going to get any of it because I didn't believe in "the real Jesus." So to me Amazing Grace has always been the anthem of prejudice and bigotry. I'm glad others can see it differently.

  2. I've never liked Amazing Grace, not since I was a kid. I don't like the notes. Ah well.

  3. Although I've never associated "Amazing Grace" with bigotry--never had such an experience--I do think it has become a rather cliché song, its meaning almost vapid as singers try oh-so-hard to express their spirituality.

    The notes, as well, don't really impress me. That's probably why I enjoy Chris Tomlin's version; it strays somewhat from the habitual notation--and adds the before removed "My chains are gone" refrain.