Tuesday, December 23, 2008

[Working Title]

I started to write a couple novels (that one's for you, JJ), and although I really don't have the intention of trying to get them published, I must admit I'm kind of wanting to write for an actual audience, instead of just for myself.

So, if you may be interested in sampling a nibble of my fictional prose, shoot me an email (chedner@gmail.com), and I'll send you the first chapter of one of my novels.

It's a fantasy novel based on one of the many stories I created when I was a kid. Basically, this novel is my adult imagination creating the background for one of the creations of my youth's imagination. There are at least three books planned, the third being the actual storyline I enacted throughout my childhood in the basement of the house where I grew up.

The target age group is actually the same as the Harry Potter series -- which, I know falls beyond the scope of readers here, age-wise... but as far as 'enjoyment-wise' goes, I think I'm safe in offering this exclusive offer to any readers of my blog/facebook notes.

I only have the first chapter written. It's a short chapter -- only six pages, ~1100 words -- and there are still some rough parts, but really I'm just looking to see if there's a reason for me to 1) Polish it up, and 2) Keep on writing.

I mean, it's already in my head basically, and I've played through the somewhat distant sequel hours upon hours in the past... so I'm personally not missing much if I don't write it down.

And, although, like I said, I'm not looking to get published, I'd definitely enjoy (love, even?) to write for a small audience.

So, please, do let me know!


  1. J'aimerais bien le lire...

    And bonne chance with la vie d'un écrivain ... ce n'est pas trop evident.

  2. ...I'm surprised others haven't taken you up on this, Senor Pankratz. I would definitely add this to my must read list. :D

    And I would revise it up to the age group for the last two Potter novels. This is definitely a bit more "scary" from the get-go.