Monday, December 1, 2008

Dear [Him],

Truth is, you're there whenever I close my eyes. Your coy smile, your deep eyes... the way you blush... it all makes it difficult to sleep. Truth is, I don't want to sleep. I mean, why would I need sleep-drawn dreams if you're there whenever I close my eyes?

I know, I know: how cliché, how corny, how gushy. But in this romantic triteness I find novelty. I honestly thought these feelings were all make-believe, only to be found in romantic comedies and the sort. Then I met you, and they all started pouring in.

I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I know I'm about to see you again. My knees weaken when I see you from afar. Whenever you walk into a room unexpectedly, I can't help but smile.

And when you inadvertently smile whenever I unexpectedly walk into a room, when I catch you in the corner of my eye as you watch me and blush... well, it ruins me. It gives me hope that you feel the same way as I feel about you. Then, all of the sudden, it's not just you, but you and I whenever I close my eyes.

Don't get me wrong, though: I'm not naïf. I know it's just a dream. I know it may never be, you and I. I know it probably will never be you and I--even if you do feel the same as I. There are just too many variables.

Still, I cherish the dream, and I take comfort in knowing:
We’ll always have the dream
Where alone we’ll walk
The faded streets
Of slow, pre-waking bliss
And alone we’ll talk
In faded words
Alone we’ll share a kiss
Just you and I
But only in the dream


  1. Cliche, corny, whatever - those romantic feelings move us all. I hope it's more than fantasy.

  2. I hope it's more than fantasy.

    ... sigh... it is... :)

    Maybe one day I'll even find to courage to actually send this letter to [Him].

  3. Ha, corny and cliche it may be, but your expression of it is unique because it's coming from you, and you, my friend, are no walking cliche. Isn't it amazing how the soul comes alive in this emotion? And how songs and poems written of love suddenly seem relevant and real, not just ethereal and conceptual?

    Anyway, I think anyone should count him- or herself fortunate to have such written of them.

  4. How did I miss this?

    Oh I hope it works out for you!!