Friday, September 5, 2008

Meerkats and Christians

I had an interesting dream a few nights ago.

It took place in an African desert and was focused on an older, female meerkat who had yet to find a mate. (I don't even know if meerkats mate for life... but anyway...)

There was some sort of ceremony or something where a bunch of meerkats were gathered together. During such this ceremony, the older, female meerkat met eyes with an older, male meerkat.

She batted her eyes and, blushingly, looked away. He smiled and stepped a little closer. There was that romantic, gooshy atmosphere for a few minutes until, finally, they started to run towards each other.

Then ~WHACK~ the female is hit by the front wheel of a landing plane -- a plane carrying a group of Christians (I was one of them). We noticed the injured meerkat (which was thrown several yards) right away. We were very concerned and began immediately to find the medical supplies to heal the meerkat -- I think one of the Christians was a doctor.

Somehow, we ended up at an abandoned drive-in movie theatre where I was able to find (in the men's bathroom) a first-aid kit that had the sufficient tools to help the meerkat.

Soon, we were back to the plane, performing surgery on the injured animal...

... but I woke up before I found out if she ended up okay or not.


  1. I think you need to lay off eating cold pizza as a midnight snack :)

  2. ... if *only* I could be so fortunate as to have an appetite that would allow me to eat before I go to bed...