Friday, September 5, 2008

The Translator

During my sit-down plea with my parents, asking them for understanding, I was truly (albeit figuratively) floored by what my parents were relaying to me as their experiences, feelings, and thoughts as they were praying about me.

You see, what they were saying was almost exactly, word-for-word (literally) what I felt I was getting from the Spirit. The difference, however, came from the translations thereof.

It's actually quite amazing how translations of the virtually same message can be so different -- quite amazing.

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I noticed that there are a lot of different biases that affect a translation.

My parents hold a framework of what can and cannot be possible. My translation simply is not possible within this framework. (Please note, I'm not saying they are necessarily wrong.)

My translation was formed according to the scriptures -- and the thoughts concerning these scriptures -- I was reading when the believed revelations came. (Please note, I believe that revelation comes through a connection to the Spirit and not through that which connected one to the Spirit... if that makes sense.)

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Of course, one only need look at the different religions rooted in the words of the Bible to see how drastic translations of the same message can differ -- and then look at history to see what sorts of things affected these translations.

... so, I guess my question is: How do we know what translation (if any) is the true translation?

Applying this question to my situation: On one hand, I have those whom I believe are men of God saying one thing with my parents backing them up... then on the other hand, I have a very different personal feeling telling me another thing.

At first, this dilemma was very troubling to me... it caused a lot of conflict and confusion... but then I took a deep breath and trusted those whom I believe are men of God.

"WHAT!?" you say?

Well, there's something else that these men teach: an individual has the most authority when it comes to personal revelation.

Of course, I say this so casually and lightheartedly... but it's quite a heavy decision to make, and it takes a terrible amount of self-trust... extremely difficult to come by... and easily exhausted.

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